Phil Womble Ethics Award: Shelby Dunlap, Carpinteria

Phil Womble Ethics Award winner Shelby Dunlap does it all at Carpinteria High. She plays volleyball, basketball, track and is also a varsity cheerleader. She carries a 4.0 GPA and is a member of numerous on-campus organizations, including Junior Statesmen of America.

“She’s not very big, but she buzzes around all over the place and makes everyone smile,” said Ward, who is also the school’s athletic director.

Dunlap’s mother was there to watch proudly. Unfortunately, Dunlap’s father, who spent numerous years coaching her in athletics, passed away in 2006.

“Shelby’s made all the right choices since then, and she’s living her father’s legacy,” said Ward.

Added John Moore later: “I would be proud to be your dad, Shelby… He would be very proud of you.”

Scholar Athlete of the Year Amanda Burch, mentioned previously as a key scorer for the Carpinteria girls basketball team, also scores off the charts in the classroom. She carries a 4.67 GPA, and there are no fluff courses on her menu (AP Claculus, AP English, AP Chemistry and AP Government).

She is ranked fourth in her class, and she also finds time to tutor her peers. Athletically, she is accomplished in hoops, track, tennis, cross-country and even roller hockey.

She volunteers with the Special Olympics among many other activities.

“Well, they just don’t come any better,” said coach Dan Mercer.

Amanda Burch

Amanda Burch

Shelby Dunlap

Shelby Dunlap

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