Phil Womble Ethics Award: Lauren McAlister, Laguna Blanca

Lauren McAlister’s junior season with the Laguna Blanca girls soccer team ended in the quarterfinals over the weekend, but luckily for the Owls she’ll be back to lead next year.

McAlister, who hopes to attend either USC or Stanford, has started all three years as a forward on the team and is also an avid equestrian.

“There is no one who displays the character of the Phil Womble Award more than Lauren McAlister,” said Athletic Director Mike Biermann.

Biermann specifically recalled a game in which the Owls cleared the bench after going up 5-0. The only starter who stayed in was McAlister, and from the sidelines Biermann was able to see how much of a leader she is, instructing her younger teammates.

She also had the Owls’ only goal in Friday’s loss to top-ranked CAMS at the Home Depot Center.

Lauren McAlister

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