SPORTSPERSON OF THE MONTH: This month’s honoree puts together one of the biggest athletic events around. Armando “Mondo” Requejo organizes and directs the Mothballs Criterium — a local cycling race which takes place in February and attracts 400-500 competitors per year.

It’s all done through Echelon Santa Barbara, a cycling club founded in 1984 which promotes the sport locally. Echelon also runs a youth program which has produced the likes of Olympian Adam Duvendeck, who told award presenter Joe Howell that Echelon and Mondo were instrumental in his success.

Requejo has been on Echelon’s Board of Directors since 2001.

“Mondo truly represents what every successful community group and every successful sports organization needs — someone who works hard for the organization, is passionate about its purpose and is not concerned about getting credit,” said Howell.

Joe Howell hands Armando Requejo his plaque.

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