Womble Award: Paige Sleep and Lela Puckett

Cate School's Lela Puckett

Bishop Diego's Paige Sleep


Former Round Table President Dave Pintard fought off some sniffles at the podium to present the Phil Womble Ethics in Sports Award to two recipients on Monday. Cate School’s Lela Puckett and Bishop Diego’s Paige Sleep were nominated by their schools for their outstanding leadership qualities and sportsmanship.

Puckett, accompanied by Cate Athletic Director Wade Ransom, thanked her coaches, Ransom and her family back in Amarillo, Texas for their support.

“Thanks to the Round Table for presenting me with this prestigious award,” Puckett said.

Sleep’s contributions at Bishop are many, and Pintard pointed out that Paige wasn’t the first in the family to receive the Womble Award. The junior has eight varsity letters and has been active in theatre at school.

“I’m truly honored to get this award and thank you to my parents especially, and to those of you who nominated me,” Sleep said.

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