Sportsperson of the Month: Debra Koopmans

Debra Koopmans receives applause from San Marcos Athletic Director Abe Jahadhmy and the crowd.

Another award was handed out Monday, as Debra Koopmans was named Sportsperson of the Month. The award was presented by American Riviera Bank’s Laurie Leighty and is sponsored by Wade and Roxanne Nomura.

Debra Koopmans, left, receives a round of applause for receiving the Sportsperson of the Month award.
San Marcos Athletic Director Abe Jahadhmy thanked Koopmans for her huge role behind the scenes making sure San Marcos athletes have the best experience possible.

“She has been willing to take on any tasks to improve the school and leave the place in better shape than when she got there,” Jahadhmy said.

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