Principals on display at Athletic Round Table luncheon

Complimenting the usual gathering of student-athletes and coaches at Monday’s Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table press luncheon were some very distinguished guests.

Many of the area’s high school principals were in attendance, supported by School District Superintendent David Cash.

“We celebrate each week at these press luncheons all the great things that happen (on the playing field),” said Athletic Round Table President Rich Hanna. “What you don’t see a lot of the time is all the effort the principals put in working behind the scenes with their athletic directors to support their athletic programs.”

The principals able to attend were Santa Barbara High’s John Becchio, San Marcos’ Ed Behrens, Dos Pueblos’ Shawn Carey, Laguna Blanca’s Paul Slocombe and Bishop Diego’s Paul Harrington.

San Marcos cross country coach Lawrence Stehmeier wasn’t the only coach taking the opportunity to thank their respective bosses.

“I’d like to thank what is the best principal in the area, that’s Ed Behrens,” Stehmeier said. “He does an excellent job.”

Nate Mendoza, too, got in on the action.

“I’d also like to thank my principal, it’s not every week that I get to see her here at Round Table,” said Mendoza who talked about players Johnny de la Cruz and Ciza Swanson.

For Carpinteria head coach Ben Hallock, who was sporting a fresh haircut, it was yet another grandfatherly moment at this year’s luncheons. He taught geometry to Carpinteria High School’s current principal, Gerardo Cornejo, when was in the tenth grade.

Before the coaches gave their reports, Dos Pueblos’ Colleen O’Connor and Bishop Diego’s Anthony Carter were recognized for being named Athletes of the Week.

Round Table President Rich Hanna announced this year’s Fall Classic. To attend, RHanna(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)


Brian Shoemaker, UCSB Water Polo
Miles Christian, UCSB Water Polo
Johnny de la Cruz, Dos Pueblos Football
Ciza Swanson, Dos Pueblos Football
Matt Medina, Santa Barbara High Football
Alex Ortega, San Marcos Football
Harrison Haws, San Marcos Football
Andrew Vignolo, Laguna Blanca Football
Pierce O’Donnell, Laguna Blanca Football
Austin Gallegos, Cate Football
Kyle Mayfield, Cate Football
Jonathan Esqueda, Carpinteria Football
Ruben Garcia, Carpinteria Football
Gabe Molina, Bishop Diego Football
Anthony Carter, Bishop Diego Football
Connor McManigal, Santa Barbara High Water Polo
Grant Schroeder, Dos Pueblos Water Polo
Wes Cooperman, Dos Pueblos Water Polo
Spencer Kemp, San Marcos Water Polo
Parker Woodward, San Marcos Water Polo
Jacob Pate, Carpinteria Water Polo
Allen Chavez, Carpinteria Water Polo
Erik Sheets, Providence Hall Cross Country
Lauren Eckhart, Providence Hall Cross Country
KK Amble, Dos Pueblos Cross Country
Racquel Fygenson, Dos Pueblos Cross Country
Tyler Bradford, Dos Pueblos Cross Country
Max Davis, Dos Pueblos Cross Country
Marla Bonser, Laguna Blanca Cross Country
Katelyn Kuehn, San Marcos Cross Country
Juliana Logan, San Marcos Cross Country
Alex Heuchert, San Marcos Cross Country
Joe Logan, San Marcos Cross Country
Tanner Munizich, Santa Barbara High Cross Country
Cam De La Cruz, Santa Barbara High Cross Country
Gustavo Bello, Santa Barbara High Cross Country

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