Cindy Battistone Hill

Cindy Battistone Hill, Hall of Fame Inductee

Cindy Battistone Hill, Hall of Fame Athlete

Is that fair? A high school girl playing two-on-two against members of the Utah Jazz?
It is if your dad is part owner of that club. And most importantly, if you have the great athletic ability of Cindy Battistone. Swimming, tennis, and softball were abandoned by Cindy in order to concentrate on the sport she truly loved – basketball.

Cindy says: “The things that stand out the most to me as I reflect on my career are not the achievements, awards, etc., but the people I met along the way … “I was fortunate to have coaches who were not only good coaches, but good teachers as well.”

One of those to whom she directs such gratitude is Tony Vigna, her coach at San Marcos High School where she started and was team MVP all three of her years. Strange. Tony sees it the other way around, that her unselfishness carried the Royals to their
greatest seasons.

And while she was not overly impressed with the awards and honors, they were sneaking up on her. Team MVP all three years, All-League 3 years; AllCIF 2 years; and Parade All-American.

Always a tough, physical, and yet sophisticated player, she enjoyed the same degree of success at Brigham Young University where she started for four years. Demonstrating that combination of ability and character, she had 23 rebounds in one game as a freshman, won conference championships and NCAA berths, led BYU in scoring while they led the nation in that category, and remains BYU’s 3rd all-time scorer and 2nd rebounder.

Hey, Cindy, you can still take them one-on-one while husband William and daughters Sami and Kodi cheer you on!