Diane Sebastian Pestolesi

Diane Sebastian Pestolesi, Hall of Fame Athlete

How’s your math? Add this list of numbers: 8+8+5+6+3+3+3+2=?

If your answer was 38 (or even close) you were wrong. The correct answer is Diane Sebastian, superb athlete, Bishop Garcia Diego High School, class of 1978.

Those significant numbers represent 8 varsity letters in volleyball, basketball, and track, 8 All-League honors, 5 League MVP’s, 3 CIF Team Championships, and 2 times Santa Barbara Athletic Rround Table Athlete of the Year.

She remains the only female athlete to have been named CIFSS MVP in two sports in the same year. Now Diane Pestolesi of Huntington Beach, she and husband-Tom (wouldn’t you guess- he’s a coach) are the proud parents of Tommy, age 5 Y2, Kari, age 4, and by this evening, baby Danny. Diane is a Critical Care nurse at Orange County’s Hoag Memorial Hospital.

And the numbers don’t stop. A three-time Volleyball All-American at the University of Hawaii, a National Championship, the Nation’s Best in 1980, and State of Hawaii’s Female Athlete of the Year in 1981.

She hadn’t quite gotten enough so in 1982 and 1983 she became a graduate assistant at the University of Hawaii. You guessed it, two more national championships. Add a few years of Olympic and professional competition, then ask her what her hobbies and interests are – being a wife and Mom- and sports.

Good luck, Di, and congratulations!