Doug Partie

Doug Partie, Hall of Fame Inductee

Olympic Champion!

There is a magical connotation to that term. As Americans we love and revere them and, even among 6 million dollar athletes, the words command attention and respect.

Doug Partie is an Olympic Champion. USA Volleyball, Korea, 1988. Can’t forget that one.

It began at Dos Pueblos High School where the 1980 graduate played on the Charger Basketball Team and was an all-League and all-CIF Volleyball player. But that was just the beginning. With no surprise to his Dos Pueblos coaches, teammates, and competition, Doug played on for consecutive National Champions during his four year stay at UCLA. Did he do well individually? Not bad. Doug was named all- American in 1982, 1983, and 1984.

Then he began sneaking upon that most elusive dream-the Olympics. In 1985 Doug took the World Cup Gold Medal in Japan; 1986 World Championship Gold in Paris, and in 1987 the Gold at the PanAm Games in Indianapolis. Seems that the Gold followed Doug Partie, and it followed him all the way to Korea in 1988 when the USA won their Olympic dream.

He played in over 320 international matches and completed his amateur competition when the USA took an Olympic Bronze at Barcelona. Doug played 4 years in the Italian Professional League and won the Gold three times in 4-man Beach competition. He is married to Cathy, a teacher, and they have two children: Kendall, 2, and Steven, 6 months.