Gary Fischer

Gary Fischer, Hall of Fame Athlete

Gary Fischer, Hall of Fame Athlete

Wrestling is one of the great sports. It is one in which a 98 pounder isn’t some kid who gets sand kicked in his face. It is a sport where he can be a state champ, a team captain, MVP, and an All-American.

A sport where a kid like Gary Fischer can win 225 times while losing only 33. However, he did have a lot of luck on the way: he wrestled for Dos Pueblos High School coach Mike Hart.

But that used up all his luck. Dedication, superb physical conditioning, a fierce competitive drive, character, athleticism, and a champion’s work ethic took over. If you do not possess those qualities, you don’t win 225 matches while weighing from 98 to 118 pounds. There is no luck on a wrestling mat. Want to know what a real wrestler looks like? Take a good look when Gary Fischer is standing on the stage tonight. This is a wrestler.

While a Charger he was a three-time Channel League Champ at 98 and 105; a member of the CIF Champs in 1975; placed 6th, 5th, and 1st in the C I F; was the State Champion in 1976; a member of the C I F-SS All-Star cultural exchange team to Japan; and earned a full scholarship to Cal Poly.

That’s where he once again got lucky -this time in hooking up with coach Vaughn Hitchcock. He was a four-year starter, two-time Division I All-American at 118 pounds and only a serious knee injury kept him from a third honor. He became a candidate for our Olympic team, but that was the year it was cancelled.

Gary now lives in Modesto, is a construction consultant, has four kids 12 to 17, and is still active in wrestling as a coach ac Modesto JC and Beyer HS. He intends to complete his teaching credential and, guess what? He wants to coach high school wrestling!