Ron Fricia

Ron Fricia, Hall of Fame Athlete

One of the traditions in track and field meets is to run a non scoring fat man relay. It is exactly what that term would imply: a bunch of big buys running a 4 x 110 yard relay. At the end of the meet these guys are usually so slow they pack a lunch for detour via McDonald’s.

And since this is a track and field phenomenon, you could easily surmise that these teams were made up exclusively of shotputters and discus throwers. Maybe even a javelin tosser if he is big or slow enough to qualify.

Ron Fricia couldn’t qualify for the team. Ineligible. The problem: he was big enough, but not fat enough and besides he was too clanged fast. Ron Fricia was the outstanding all-around athlete during his three years at San Marcos High School.

Perhaps his track credentials along with his smart and aggressive play can help explain his success in Royal football.

Fricia ran the 100 yard dash in 10.1 seconds, put the shot 61 feet 1 inch. He threw the discus 169 feet and high jumped 6 feet 1 inch. Ron also ran the high hurdles. No fat man competition for this guy!

That 61 foot 1 inch shot put earned Ron a 2nd place in the state track meet. He carried that success both in football and track to SBCC where he set records in both the shot and discus throw. He still holds the record with a put of 51 ft. 1 in. for the heavier college shot. That tremendous athletic ability established Ron as an exceptional member of the SBCC football program and ultimately a Hall of Fame induction.