Terry Schroeder

Terry Schroeder, Hall of Fame Athlete

Terry Schroeder, Hall of Fame Inductee

Where do we start?

Four-time Olympian, world’s best water polo player, captain of our national and Olympic teams, Doctor of Chiropractic, three-time university AllAmerican, NCAA Scholar-Athlete, male model for the Coliseum’s Olympic Gateway, or second in the Jeep Superstars Competition?

So where do we start?

How about starting at San Marcos High School? Class of 1976, student leader, outstanding scholar, outstanding citizen, great family, Captain, AllChannel League Player of the Year, All-CIF, AllAmerican, and a full ride scholarship to Pepperdine University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Terry Schroeder is probably best recognized for his inspirational leadership of our National Water Polo Team in 1980, 1984, 1988, and 1992.

Schroeder and his wife Lori -we should say Dr. Lori – live in Agoura Hills where they both practice Chiropractic medicine. What else would we expect? There are fifty-nine chiropractors in the Schroeder family, two of whom practice locally, his father, Robert, and his brother, Lance.

He is also the Water Polo Coach at Pepperdine University where in 1989 where he was named Coach of the Year in the Big West Conference.

So where do we end? How about with the big San Marcos Royal carrying the American Flag during the closing ceremonies at Seoul, Korea in 1988.