Tom Montross

Tom Montross, Hall of Fame Athlete

Tom Montross was a tough kid. Bet on it. Any kid missed in the middle of a family with nine kids is going to be tough. Nobody competes like brothers and sisters, especially when there are lots of them in a family.

But parents, Byron and Lucille evidently maintained some sanity and out of those experiences came a superb athlete, a young man that his community remembers well. Do the symbols and words All League, All-CIF, All-Conference, MVP and AllState mean much? To those of us who have spent our lives in the world of athletics, they tell a great story. The story they tell was written for Tom Montross. Three years as Bishop Garcia Diego MVP and AllLeague in football, All-CIF in 1968, All-League and All-CIF basketball in 1967 and 1968, and All League pitcher for 3 years.

Add those up and they equal Bishop Garcia Diego Hall of Fame. In these days of specialization in athletics, a Tom Montross in an endangered species. Tom went on to SBCC football where he was a two year All-League and All-State player as well as the defensive MVP in 1969 and 1970. His scholarship to USF was short circuited by a serious shoulder injury.

Tom now lives in San Bruno with his wife Shauna and is an athletic director at the Olympic Club in San Francisco and still participates. Surprise! He coaches daughters Alicia and Ashley. Tom always valued sportsmanship and dedication. Some things never change!