Tracye Jean-Marie Lawyer

Tracye Jean-Marie Lawyer, Hall of Fame Athlete

Tracye Jean-Marie Lawyer, Hall of Fame Athlete

Tonight you will hear about a number of student- athlete successes but few will be able to match the success Ms. Tracey Jean-Marie Lawyer has achieved at every level of athletic competition and in multiple sports. When we hear about multi-talented srudent- athletes, we often wonder if genetics played a role. Physiological and anatomical factors may also have contributed to her success. Certainly there was a burning desire to excel. And, you don’t reach world class level without a strong character, driving determination and an exemplary work ethic. Tracey Jean- Marie Lawyer possesses all of these traits.

From enrollment in Cate School to her graduation in 1995, Tracye was involved in an interscholastic sport. Incredibly, Tracye received All CIF honors in three sports: Voll yball, Soccer and Track and Field. Tracye was selected as the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Track and Field Athlete of the Year in 1994 and 1995. She accepted a full athletic scholarship to attend Stanford University, and in 1997, entered her first NCAA Heptathlon vent. The rest is history. Tracye was Pac-10 Co-Player of the Year in 1998, and the Pac-l 0 Heptathlon champion in 1997, 1998 and 1999. In 1999, Tracye was the NCAA Heptathlon champion. She was a 5-tim All-American and still holds the Stanford record in th Heptathlon with a point total of 5,855.

In 2000, Tracye was selected to participate in the US Olympic Trials. Mter the first day, Tracye was in second place and fighting for a place on the Olympic Team. Unfortunately she did not make the team, but she did leave a lasting impression on those who were fortunate to see her compete.

Today Tracye is still involved in Athletics, giving back to a sport she loves. She is currently coaching Track and Field at her Alma Mater, Stanford, in Palo Alto. Tracye’s tremendous athleticism established her as an extraordinary student-athlete, and ultimately a Hall of Fame Inductee. Congratulations!