Dave Gorrie

Dave Gorrie, Hall of Fame Coach

Dave Gorrie is perhaps the greatest of two sport athletes in the history of UCSB. Playing fullback and outfield, he has been inducted into the UCSB Hall of Fame in both football and baseball and played professional baseball with the Kansas City organization. He went on to become Head Baseball Coach at his alma mater and later at Pepperdine University.

It is for his accomplishments in those endeavors that he is tonight being inducted into the SBART Hall of Fame. He’ll hang that plaque on the wall along with the others: UCSB Football and Baseball; Pepperdine University as a coach; and the American Baseball Coaches Association.

But first, learn a little about the character ofDave Gorrie. His greatest athletic joy? Not being an All-American or a hall of famer, but starting in the same 1950 Gaucho backfield with brothers Dick (QB) and Doug (RB.) There are few coaches who championed integrity, moral values, loyalty, and respect for others, more than Dave Gorrie. But that was easy, for those were the same qualities and standards by which he lived and coached. His proudest achievement? Bringing both UCSB and Pepperdine baseball to a degree of national prominence.

Nineteen years at UCSB (including 8 in football,) and 10 years at Pepperdine. In 1972 his conference champion Gauchos lost to USC in the regional finals, and while at Pepperdine his teams went 409-205 in regular season games and 19-13 in regional and World Series games. He won five conference championships and played in five regional finals. While producing many all-Americans and major leaguers, it was the citizenship and moral fiber of his players that mattered most.

Congratulations Dave, wife Linda, son Bryan, daughter LuAnne, and little Cody and Zach. The Gorries now reside in Carthage, Texas.