Jack Sanford

Jack Sanford, Hall of Fame Coach

Ever notice how success manages to follow certain individuals? No matter what happens, what gets in their way, or what obstacles they must overcome, they fight through to the top! Coincidence? Hardly. Luck? Nice to have, but it will never get you to the pinnacle. How about hard work and determination? Caring. Principled. Good teaching. Enthusiasm and knowledge. Discipline. Role Modeling. Dedication. They’ll get you there.

Sound like someone you know? Jack Sanford says he played football, but never scored. He won no awards in basketball and never won a tennis championship. But he is a champion. Here’s a clue: he disagrees with the old adage that winning is the only thing. His philosophy? “Competing the entire contest to the best of your ability is the only thing.”

From New York to the Air Force to Cal Poly to Hanford High School where he coached boys and girls tennis among other sports. Within three years they were dominating San Joaquin Valley Tennis. Then good luck took over for SBCC when he became the Vaquero tennis coach and led them to the pinnacle-the California State CC Tennis Championships.

Jack’s real championship has been at home with his wife Cathy and their three sons and three daughters all of whom played high school and college tennis. Cathy was also a dedicated and competitive tennis coach and was named the SBART College Coach of the Year in 1996.

Since his retirement in 1994, Jackhas remained active in community affairs and is a certified USTA tennis official who works the prestigious Ojai Tournament. Tonight Jack is now joining the SBART Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Jack!