John Osborne

John Osborne, Hall of Fame Coach

His family says: “Never a dull moment when he’s around.” “No grass grows under his feet” say his coworkers. And his players? “P.P.P.P.P.,” (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.) And so does great coaching. It is for that quality that he is being inducted by the Round Table. In 31 years as baseball coach at Alan Hancock College, “Ozzie” led his team to a record of 698 wins and 409 losses. The 698 is the third highest total wins in California Community College history. During that period of time his Bulldogs also won eleven conference championships and won the state championship in 1972. Twenty-five times he coached his team to 20 wins or more.

While those are glowing and Hall of Fame level stats, say the name John Osborne in the Santa Maria area and in return you will hear respect, quality, class and caring- with a grin and a chuckle tossed in. Few coaches can attain that level of success with such a great sense of humor, abounding enthusiasm and genuine caring for his players and staff- tempered by intense dedication, high-level expertise and a work ethic worthy of role-modeling.

Testimony to that positive philosophy of athletics is the number of former players and their families with whom he maintains a relationship.

One of the great athletes to have participated in the Santa Barbara community, John played at the highest level of basketball and baseball competition at SBHS, SBCC and UCSB. He followed that with a stint in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

But his real major league accomplishments were Elizabeth, Jennifer, Sarah, Jon, Jeff, Doug, Dave, five grand kids and wife Mardi who teaches at Hancock.