Pat Moorhouse MacPhee

Pat Moorhouse MacPhee, Hall of Fame Inductee

Pat Moorhouse MacPhee, Hall of Fame Coach

Pat Moorhouse MacPhee is a proud person. She should be. For 28 years she has influenced the lives of young people. She has taught, coached, administered, and most significantly, cared for them.

Along the way she has modestly posted some staggering numbers. In six years as volleyball coach and with a 128-16 record, she won 5 WSC championships, ranked in the top three in the state four years, and was WSC Coach of the Year four times.

From 1977 to 1991 her tennis teams went 250 and 28.

Of the 15 years she coached, they won 14 WSC tides and one State championship. She was voted Coach of the Year 10 times in WSC, and the State in 199 1. She has won the admiration and respect of her peers and unselfishly shares her successes with the local high school programs.

Pat also served as an Associate Athletic Director for 18 years, teaches fitness and health, and has been the P.F. Department Chair since 198 5. She has won the Louise Lowry Davis Award and is a board member of SBART and the California Commission on Athletics.

In knowing Pat, it is obvious that she deeply cared about her players as athletes, students, and individuals, encouraging them to become productive citizens. She cares about people -at a Hall of Fame level. And she might have the biggest rooting section here tonight. She reserves her greatest sense of pride for daughter Pam, son Jeff, and their families.

While she may not look the parr, Pat is the grandmother of six and says:” I’m proud of the accomplishments of my children and am delighted that my grandchildren are old enough to share this evening with me.”

We are proud that we can share this honor with you.