Chuck Kelsey

Chuck Kelsey, Hall of Fame Community Leader

Come on, Chuck, make up your mind. Are you going to: announce Carpinteria HS football games (20 more years); be a volunteer coach; serve as president of the Carpinteria Youth Athletic Association; develop public parks; lead the Boys Club of Carpinteria; serve the Carpinteria Boosters as prez; build high school baseball facilities; publish football programs: assist SBCC through their Athletic Associates; or build football stadiums?

Or are you going to run more marathons and 10 K’s, hike Mt. Whitney or descend into the Grand Canyon, fly twin engine airplanes, or keep running the same number of miles as your age like you did running from Fillmore to Carp on your 40th?

Of course you could always continue announcing SBCC football games and Russell Cups, chair more Carp-Bishop Alumni games and facilitate the SBCC Associates telethon which raises funds for all teams. In between you can continue your efforts to promote the student-athletic academic tutoring program. The community should have been suspicious when Chuck Kelsey became Sophomore class, Junior Class, Student Body President and captain of the football team at Carpinteria High School.

Maybe its time for a little payback, from the community to Chuck Kelsey. The City of Carpinteria started it when they selected Chuck as their “Carpinterian of the Year” in 1982 and the Russell Cup Committee named him their Honorary Meet Director.

Tonight, the SBART is offering its appreciation and saying: “Welcome to our Hall of Fame, Chuck Kelsey.” What of his future? “To enjoy watching his seven grandchildren grow up and to encourage them to become enthusiastic participants in life rather than spectators.” Nobody ever accused Chuck of being a spectator, you’re lucky kids. Congratulations Chuck, Suzy, Chris, Mike, Candi and Stacy.