Dick Mires

Dick Mires, Hall of Fame Community Leader

Dick Mires is a really sneaky guy. But we’ll get back to that. From Tacoma, Washington, to Stanford, then to UCSB where he earned his degree and teaching credential. He has taught at each SBHSD high school and served as P.E. Department Chair, AD, and Head Football Coach at Dos Pueblos – and all with great success.

When he left DP is when he got sneaky. He’s been on the Board of Directors for 26 years, served as President and has operated behind the scenes of every Round Table effort-the go-to guy you never see. He epitomizes the old adage that says: “It’s amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.” One of his many contributions, alongside Pat McPhee, has been working with the Hall of Fame.

He has served on selection committees, contacted inductees, set up arrangements at the facilicy, organized speakers and ensured that details were attended to, all without being noticed. Behind the scenes. See? Kind of sneaky. Things just kind of get done. But not tonight. He is being inducted as a Community Leader, right up front. If any person has ever served the community of Santa Barbara, it is the highly respected Dick Mires. So, it’s time for us to say thanks. You have been an example and a role model, and those who have been associated with you are indeed very fortunate. The Round Table is extremely proud to induct one of their own.

In addition, he also served as the Venue Director for the rowing and canoeing events of the 1984 Olympic Games and has served as the president of the Santa Barbara Rowing Association.

He is presently associated with Pitts and Bachmann and is most prideful about his 36-year marriage to Nancy, their two children Julie and David, and David’s wife and their daughter Katelyn.