Peter Jordano

Peter Jordano, Hall of Fame Inductee

Quiet help is perhaps the most significant help one can receive. The giver asks neither praise nor thanks, only that the help is needed and used. Peter Jordano is that type of “helper.”

Born in Santa Barbara, he cares intensely about this community, but his greatest concern is to improving the quality of life of all our residents. He is committed to many of Santa Barbara’s
service organizations and has served as both a leader and a volunteer for many of them. He brought international fame to our community in 1984 when he served as “Mayor” of the
Olympic Village at UCSB.

His support and interest in athletics was stimulated as a young boy when he was bat boy for the Santa Barbara Dodgers. His appreciation for athletics continues today and it is his efforts that have helped the sports community establish a strong foundation with many exemplary programs.

Pete is a successful businessman who serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Jordano’s Inc., a name that is almost synonymous with Santa Barbara.

He and his wife Gerd give tirelessly of their own time to help others. They are parents to Kim, Tony, Jeff and Gary.

Thank you, Pete, for caring to give young people the opportunity to participate in programs that establish an attitude of good sportsmanship for challenges in both athletics and in life.