Pool Renovation Committee of Santa Barbara High School

The Aquatics Booster Club was established in 1999 to support the aquatics program at Santa Barbara High School. In 2002 the ABC formed the Pool Renovation Committee. The committee consisted of Peter Borneman, Lindsey Parton, Mark Edwards, Roe Ann White, Cathy Quijano, Coach Mark Walsh, Kristi Parrish. Betty Flavell, Doug Wilson, Liz and David de L’Arbre, Barry Snyder and Tomaso Falzone.

The vision of the PRC was to rebuild the pool into a 25 yard by 38 meter double deep aquatics complex. In January 2003, the PRC began raising funds to augment $800,000 of bond money already earmarked for pool reconstruction.

In the course of approximately eight months the PRC worked closely with the architects, the school board, the principal and staff at Santa Barbara High School to refine the design of the facility. The PRC also raised $370,000 of donations that enabled the expanded plan to become a reality.

Because of a shared vision, a cooperative effort between public educaLion and pri vate individuals, the political support of our elected officials, the conllnittee took this project from inception to ground-breaking in a Jnere eight months. All of these elements came together to make the Aquatic Booster Club’s vision a real success story.

Today, the SBHS aquatics cornplex is the finest facility of its kind in the area. Of particular importance was the participation by the late 1.R. Richards, the SBHS principal and the support of Dr. Flores and the entire ~chool board.

Jack O’Connell was instrumental in getting the project through Department of State Architecture. Also due a special acknowledgement is Larry Crandell whose advice and encouragement kept the committee moving forward and energized.