Anita Ho

Anita Ho, Hall of Fame Inductee

Anita Ho, Hall of Fame Inductee

Let’s see if we have these numbers right. As a Recreation Supervisor for the Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department, Anita Ho recruited 600 volunteers each year. Six hundred, most of whom were new to the program each year.

What program? The Special Olympics. Thirty years ago a friend advised Anita Ho to move to Santa Barbara where the people were good and where she would be cared for. After 24 years of moving, she was home and she had herself turned into one of those good people who cared for others.

After attending SBCC and UCSB, Anita began a 20 year “hitch” with Recreation. And just how did she start that career? How else, as a volunteer.

Her career was on the way, and for twenty years Anita provided special recreational, educational, and cultural services to individuals with disabilities. Her dedication and commitment to the Special Olympics touched over 2,000 athletes and their families, vastly improving the quality of their lives.

She has been honored for meritorious service by the ARC, an association of the disabled, and the Special Olympics Statewide Office. Anita has also been honored by the Parks and Recreation Commission for her service as Recreation Leader, a Senior Leader, Assistant Supervisor, and finally a Supervisor in charge of the Adapted Recreation Program for the City.

While caring for these “Special People” she also raised thousands upon thousands in grant money for their welfare. Her marathon years now in the past, Anita enjoys biking with her family, workouts, and e-mailing her brother in Panama.

Anita, you are the “Special” one.