Joel Silverman

Joel Silverman, Hall of Fame Special Achievement

His biographical sketch says that he is a self-employed real estate investor – Private Equity Group. Sure. C’mon, Joel, you’re busted, we know better. You’re a pick and shovel guy. You’re a gardener, you drive a tractor and you plant sod. Then you irrigate it, fertilize it and mow it.

But before that you had to put on your tie, gather volunteers, raise the necessary funds, run through all the permitting and make deals with the neighbors. Gather up materials for sprinklers, fencing and backstops- then take off your tie, put on your work clothes and get dirty.

I guess in a way that’s real estate development, just a different kind.

The kind of development that provides acres of beautiful softball fields for beautiful young girls, especially those playing softball for Dos Pueblos HS (and the community of Goleta.)

So after struggling for two years in the mid-90’s the DPHS athletic staff shook the extended hand of Joel Silverman and let him have his rein. In less than two years the Charger girls were playing softball on their own fields at their own school, the Goleta Community Softball Fields at D PHS.

Joel says: “It was pure luck that placed me in a position to head up the effort to build these fields. I seized the opportunity as my chance to repay so many parent volunteers in our community who give of their time so that my kids and others have a chance to participate in sports. It is to these volunteers and their efforts that these fields should be dedicated.”

Thank you, Marty, Mika, Piper, and Jackie for loaning us your husband and dad for awhile. And by the way, thanks Joel for treasuring the PTA and the bond issue campaign.