John Brennand

John Brennand, Hall of Fame Special Achievement

John Brennand is 59 years old. But no one has told his legs. They have skied, run, and now cycled for almost 50 years.

Born in El Paso, Texas, he attended high school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and graduated from the University of Colorado where he competed in skiing. He placed 6th in the North American Alpine Championships and lOth in the USA Slalom Championships.

After receiving degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering, followed by a masters at MIT, Brennand started running, right into a 1964 top 25 finish in the Boston Marathon; 2nd in the US Masters Marathon Championships in 1971; a US Masters Cross Country Championship in 1976; and a 32:35 10K at age 49 in 1985.

But his heart and legs wanted more. Cycling! So add a 6th place finish in the National Masters Cycling Championship Road Race in 1991 (age 55-59); and a 2nd in the Casper Classics 55+ in 1994. He is proud of the fact that his 1985 US Marathon time of2:28:46 remains as a record for age group 4 5-49.

John Brennand received the Russ Hargreaves Award in 1987 for his work as a Technical Director in the running of the Marathon of the 1984 Olympic Games. Not much as changed.

Brennand is retired and lists his hobbies as cycling, running and conducting events in those activities. John’s wife, Cally, and his daughter, Karen, and sons, Bob and Scott join us in saluting him.