John Stoney

John Stoney, Hall of Fame Special Acheivement

John Stoney, Hall of Fame Special Acheivement

John Stoney began his officiating career in the fall of 1970. Over the following 37 years he worked at the high school and college level in both basketball and football. He is currently officiating his 21st season ofhigh school softball. During his officiating career, John has worked an estimated 1120 basketball games and over 800 football games. Highlights have included officiating 11 high school C.LF. football championship games, 2 girls’ high school basketball championship games and 10 junior college bowl games, including the first state lC. championship game in 1997.

His college officiating career covered 6 N.C.A.A. football playoffgames, including the 1990 Division II Championship Game in Florence, Alabama. John is past president of and N.C.A.A. instructor for the Channel Coast Officials’ Association. He continues to write the N.C.A.A. Rules Test for officials and works at both the N.C.A.A. and high school officiating camps located in Fresno and Reno.

John states that he is “deeply grateful to his two mentors, Dick Olmstead and Keith Pilger for their mentoring and leadership during his early years of officiating.”

Family members include his wife of 45 years, Pam, son Todd, daughter Lisa and two grandsons, Shaye, 10, and Colton, 7.