Ken Kellogg

Ken Kellogg, Hall of Fame Inductee

If Nick Carter had been a football, basketball or baseball coach, Ken Kellogg might have a nice little financial nest egg today. Instead, Carter was a track coach at UCSB when he saw Ken sitting in the stands at a track meet and asked him to be one of the officials at the meet.

That was back in 1957 and Kellogg, a retired KEYT-TV employee, has been donating his services as a track official ever since.

“I kid Nick that if he had been a football, basketball or baseball coach and wanted me to be an official, I would have made some good money over the years,” quipped Kellogg. “Track officials are one of the few officials who volunteer their services rather than get paid.”

Despite officiating at all those track meets, Kellogg says he seldom sees much of the action. “I officiate at the discus and shot putt events and most of the time all I see is an athlete’s feet to make sure he doesn’t go over the line. Once in a while, I may look up in time to see where the discus or shot putt landed.”

Kellogg’s contributions to the local sports community go beyond working as a track official. He served as president of the Semana Nautica Association’s Summer Sports Festival for three years, 1976-77-78. Again, he volunteered his services.