Phil Womble

Phil Womble, Hall of Fame Inductee

Courage comes in many colors, shapes and packages. Sometimes it is demonstrated by a charge up a hill to attack an enemy machine gun post. Climbing down a shaft to save a child’s life or jumping out of an airplane is a special kind of courage that most of us never experience. An Olympian fighting through exhaustion or an NFL linebacker shutting out the pain of injury is a type of courage we all understand.

Maybe courage in its truest sense is that which drives someone like Phil Womble to overcome and to persevere. Maybe it is what makes him drive his special adapted vehicle across busy streets to attend the Press Luncheon meetings of the Athletic Round Table.

And maybe it is what UCSB meant when they dedicated their 1994 Baseball Media Guide to Phil Womble. Or what UCSB was acknowledging when they declared Phil Womble an Honorary Alumnus in 1978.

In 1986, Phil was awarded the UCSB Community Service Award. In 1992 the Optimist International bestowed upon him a Certificate of Appreciation. In 1994, the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table is recognizing his courage as they induct Phil Womble into their Hall of Fame in honor of his Special Achievement. He will forever be a part of the history of Santa Barbara athletics.

Phil is also member of the Board of Directors for the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation. His hobby? Fundraising for the organization!