Louise Lowry Davis Award

Louise Lowry Davis was Supervisor of the Santa Barbara Recreation Department for over 30 years before retirement in 1966. As director of the Womens’ Sports League, she made women’s sports activities one of the biggest draws in town in the 1930s and 1940s. Louise was a State Champion and nationally ranked table tennis player in 1936 and 1939. Over the years, Louise has generously contributed to the youth of Santa Barbara. This award is given to a person recognized as a player, coach or sponsor or excels in leadership and sportsmanship.

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First Name Last Name Year
Jamie Allison 2005
Kira Anthofer 1998
7-Up Bottling Company Softball Team of 1940 2001
Lisa Braithwaite 2003
Ethel Byers 2007
Judith Dale 2006
Jane Frederick 1995
Mark French 2002
Kathy Gregory 1991
Alice Henry 1992
Steve Kozaki 1999
Pat Moorhouse-MacPhee 1996
Jennifer Moreland 1989
Roxanne Nomura 2008
Kathleen O’Connor 1993
Paula Rudolph 2000
Joan Russell 1997
Dawn Schroeder 2005
Joan Serrano 1990
Ellen T. O’Connor 1994
UCSB Women’s Center 2004
Diane Wootton 2009