Russ Hargreaves Memorial Award

Russ Hargreaves was a dedicated member of the Santa Barbara Recreation Department. He spent a lifetime creating opportunities for others to enjoy the benefits of recreational activities. He loved jogging and was committed to total body fitness. He knew that a healthy mind and body were the first steps to a happy and productive life. This award is given to a person recognized by the Parks & Recreation Department as a leader in maintaining quality sports programs

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First Name Last Name Year
Michael Anderson 2008
Eric Arneson 1983
Paul Bradford 2007
John Brennand 1987
Lloyd Briggs 2010
Peggy Buchanan 2003
Mike Chasson 1985
George Chelini 1984
Joe Coito 1999
Ada Connor 2004
James Coronado 2012
Vic de la Cruz 1981
David de Ponce 1996
Mariana de Sena 1993
Tom Doolittle 2006
Ken Doss 2007
Debbie Foley 2002
Theresa Frazier Brown 2001
Bill Hamilton 1988
Jim Harvey 1979
Stubby Herman 1977
Bernard Hicks 2009
Paul Hodgert 1992
Ed Holdren 1990
Ralph Holmes 2005
Girls Inc. of Carpinteria 1998
Cliff Lambert 1986
Richard Medel 1994
Earl Pointer 1991
Jean & Joe Pommier 2000
Kevin Reddick 1997
Sal Rodriguez 1989
Jim Rogers 1982
Joe Salcedo 2011
Carol Smith 1992
John Spaventa 1995
Frank Van Schaik 1978
Bill Van Schaik 1978
Anita Watts 1980